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We supply multi-channel lead generation services that are designed to provide our clients with direct access to their target market. Lead quality is of the utmost importance to PT Mitra Inti Antarbangsa, which is why we ensure you pitch warmed up leads that interested in your product and/or service. After 10+ years of lead generation experience across a multitude of industries we have refined our advertising and marketing techniques, by incorporating multiple channels – voice, email, social, internet and cell. Equipped with an appreciation of your commercial enterprise requirements, we plan a lead generation campaign that provides: certified sales leads and appointments. Our methods will considerably enhance your conversion rates, and the key advantages you can anticipate from our lead generation service includes:

  • Contact businesses and private individulas by telephone to promote service
  • Solicid orders for services over the telephone
  • Use scripts to provide information about product’s features, prices etc and present their benefits
  • Adjust scripted sales pitch to meet needs specifict individuals
  • Handle customers customers questions and obtain customers information including names and addresses
  • Record customers detail including reaction to the services offered
  • Input & record contact details of potential customers into the computers system